What is ytranslate?


ytranslate platform is an AI Powered translation platform that combines machine learning with human translators for businesses worldwide. The platform eliminates language barriers especially for businesses who want to easily create content, sell fast and reach a worldwide audience. Our platform can process over 90 languages in 70 files formats.

How does it work?


Enterprise Service


  • Customer sees demo and sends us their translation requirements
  • Customer account opened for client
  • Advance payment taken for all new clients
  • First draft by machine
  • Final product refined by certified human translators

What problem are we solving?


There are 809 Million Chinese and 359 Million Spanish internet users and the vast amount of content explosion makes machine translation inevitable. A majority of the world does not speak English. The majority of the market currently only offers human translation or machine translation. Human translation is very slow, very expensive and there are only 250000 professional translators worldwide to meet demand. Machine translation is only good for understanding the gist, offers poor quality and struggles with context.

What is our solution?


ytranslate solves this problem by  offering a hybrid solution that combines machine learning with human translators.  The machine does the first draft and the second draft is edited by a human translator followed by the third draft being edited by another human proofreader. There is always a strict quality checking process in place where by the content is put through 3 stages but this makes the whole process 5 times faster and at least 70% less costly than using tradition human translation services.

Who are the team?


ytranslate is built by a visionary group of friends who spent the last 10 years working in marketing, software development and project management for technology companies.

Who needs our product or service?


Business that require their online and offline content translated fast and accurately for a very competitive cheap cost with an easy plug and play solution that does not currently exist on the market. Why google translate it when you can ytranslate it? The hybrid model that will become the future.