15th June 2017
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Finally a translator for sign language is here


There are people who can hear very well, see very clearly, but cannot speak what they can feel. These people have a handicap when it comes to speaking their mind and having a decent conversation, especially with strangers. Of course, they are able to learn a special sign language in which they can utilize their arms and hands to communicate with people, but this comes with a disadvantage because the only way to understand what is being said is to have other people take sign language lessons in order to have a properly communicate.

Mute people may also tend to write down what they wish to say, thus making it easier for us to understand them, but it is time-consuming and it can take a lot of work to try to write clearly.

There is a special software made by a new startup in Texas,  KinTrans,  that translates a mute’s sign language into proper words and thus making everything easier for them, and for us. They deserve an easier way of communication and so do we and this technology is going to make this possible.

Basically, what KinTrans does is use software motion capture to capture the hands of the speaker and start translating them into text that can be read by the user or by the computer itself. This proves to be a good solution for companies to expand their clients and have a better understanding of their needs. Of course, this piece of software is also available for personal use and everyone can benefit from it.

There aren’t many applications out there that offer a proper solution to this communication barrier between mute people and others, and you can contact the team at KinTrans and ask them further about their product if this is something that you may be interested in.

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