12th December 2016
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Free online marketing and social media courses


Online marketing, social media and other online business strategies are being utilized by many companies in maximizing their profits. This is effective, as the awareness of the company’s product lines and prices are easily communicated to the target customers. With the rise and advancement in technology, the world in heading towards a direction where business activities will fully be conducted through online systems, to save time and costs. Although the business sector is transforming to be more digitized, many people are still have little knowledge about online marketing and social media skills. To help solve this problems, one can always take one of the following courses available for online marketing;

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification

This course will improve your digital marketing skills extensively as it offers eleven free classes. In these classes, one has to complete reading assignments and optional homework assignments. Videos are also available for watching at one’s own pace and upon completion of the courses, you can take an inbound marketing exam to get a certificate from Hub-spot.

Social Media Quick starter

Taking this course will enable you know how to use social media to get results. It gives one the opportunity to learn the simple basics of social media and how to use platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook. You get an ebook, which includes the full course material.

Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business

This course comes courtesy of the University of Sanford in Manchester, England. It is the best free Online marketing, social media course that helps you improve and optimize on the tactics to improve your online presence, as it teaches you how to professionally develop your online profile.

Diploma in social media marketing

This course is provided by online course provider ALISON. It will only take you 15 to 20 hours to complete. Taking this course will enable one know how to use email marketing, using social media tools and how to create Facebook pages successfully.

Social Media Course on GFC Learn Free

This course is offered by GFC. It is short and properly-structured with vast topics on social media. It is the best course for beginners who need set up their profiles as quick as possible.

CloudBluePrint E-Mail Marketing Course

It is a course by the top blogger Glen Allsop which simply shows you how to monetize and build your audience with the use of e-mail marketing. There is a guide offered by Allsop that will enable you achieve this immediately after you enroll for the course.

Social Media: How To Build An Audience

It is a well-structured course from MOOC course platform Canvas Network. It is unique as it enables for collaborative online study groups, frequent email updates and assignments. Here, one learns how rising developing social media platforms are being used by individuals and company businesses to build an audience.

Digital Storytelling and social media

This is a course that enables many online participants to join on one platform. It helps individuals to learn how to create, design and build their own online identity and develop skills in digital storytelling to expand their social media networks.