22nd June 2017
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Netflix is looking for translators


Netflix is a renown company offering entertainment products and services globally. It is safe to say Netflix aid avails Online distribution of content, production of films in form of movies, series, etc.

Earlier this year (2017), Netflix initiated the Netflix Hermes Program. This program is a testing tool for quality translators worldwide in order to enable viewing in the original language. With the global expansion, Netflix realized it had no capacity to handle the vast volume of content that needed translation and subtitling, for its global market. Hermes welcomes translators and those skilled and experienced in providing subtitles for films and other productions. The program aims to identify people who possess proficiency in online subtitling and translation; then employ them to provide the subtitles for their online and television production contents.

This is a great opportunity for those with the passion for such a job. However, there is a process of becoming a Netflix translator. The program offers an application procedure just like any other job; where the applicant is required to provide personal details such as education, special skills the and experience that render them best fit for the job. After this, the program has a series of test combinations that examine the applicant`s eligibility for the job. This test ensures that they are able to effectively match projects with quality translators, in order to produce optimum results. On completion, the answers undergo reviews and grading, in order to recognize those suitable for the job.

The Netflix Hermes Program is of a major benefit to Netflix. It will attract new consumers of the product as originality in language makes one feel at home. Through this program, Netflix is able to localize international services, and further extend its global market. Additionally, in doing this, Netflix is able to give back to the society by providing jobs., even to their consumers. This strengthens its market base.

Less than a decade ago, Netflix only provided for 3 foreign languages. Currently, it is able to accommodate over 20 foreign languages, through the Hermes program. Fortunately, in 2018, Netflix sees the international consumer base surpassing the current space in the United States. Through Hermes, Netflix will scale a larger percentage of international subscribers, hence close to or more than 99% in achieving the foreign language contents on air for viewership.


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