15th June 2017
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Real time language translation devices are on the rise


For all those travel bugs that simply can’t get enough off the high of travelling to a new place, learning about their traditions and delving into their culture, the language barrier may often come as a big problem.

Travelling to a new exotic location is always fun, but you must also be able to communicate with the locals for help in getting around and have basic conversations. It is not possible for you to learn up a new language every time you travel, so what do you do in this case?

Real time language translation devices are now available to help you overcome this language barrier! These devices have also got translation apps you can download on your phone to get instant help in communicating basic needs with locals of an exotic place.

Read on to find out the 3 best language translation devices and language translation apps for you!

  1. Babel

This unique, fish like gadget fits right into your ear. This device comprises of 2 earpieces, containing a technology that translates any foreign language like Spanish and French right into your ears in real time!

  1. Pilot Translating Earpiece

Available in a variety of amazing colors to match your personality, the Pilot translating earpiece works real time in translating 15+ foreign languages into your ear piece for your convenience.

  1. Ili

Say goodbye to all language barriers with the Ili, a wearable language translating device to help you understand any foreign language while travelling.

Get a hold of these amazing new real time translation devices and make your stay at your foreign destination even better!

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