9th December 2016
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Time management across different time zones


Working remotely with teams across the globe can be a challenge. My role as a Project Manager with ytranslate means I often run multiple campaigns in different global locations. We are a global virtual team which uses many tools keep growing our company. Based on what’s worked best for us, here are my tips for how to collaborate and run projects across time zones.

1. Take time out to have regular face time and make it part of the culture

When working across time zones, it’s essential to keep the conversation going just like you would if you were all in a room together. Skype for Business is our main solution but there are plenty of others to choose from!

2. Leverage Available Social Media

Encourage a company culture to form on its own through social media. Team groups for example are easy to set up to encourage open discussion through the day.

3. Implement Project Management Tools

For better work flow, we have found it essential to engage with project management tools, which make it easy for everyone within our team at large in different time zones to keep tabs on relevant tasks. We use SharePoint mostly and there lots of useful free tutorials on the web to help you get the best out of the solution.

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