18th September 2017
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Uber now requires all foreign drivers in London to take an English test


Uber is a technological company providing transportation services globally, among other services. It allows independent drivers to use their own cars or even avail cars for rent, for the sole purpose of the provision of the services, under the Uber name.

Recently, in the United Kingdom (U.K), there arose a conflict between the foreign drivers working in the UK, and London Transport Authority. The dispute came forth as the drivers complained that transport authorities in London set high bars that made it difficult for the drivers to obtain a driver’s license in the country.

Despite the efforts to go against the conditions, the presiding judge ruled in favor of London Transport Authority and actually ordered that taking and passing the London English Test, was a prerequisite for every foreign driver in the country.

The Authority recommended the test as they deemed ineffective communication in English was a major setback as it would have resulted in missing passenger routes, difficulty in understanding client’s needs and backwardness in the country’s legislation. Therefore, the authority saw the move as a way to improve customer service in the transportation industry.

Foreign Uber drivers were advised to take up the tests, unless they were barred from applying for any private hire vehicle license in the country. However, Uber is taking steps to appeal to the court saying this decision was made ignoring those that came from non-English speaking countries. They further said the decision posed as a form of racial discrimination of those who didn’t master the language so well. Additionally, they showed concerns over the number of drivers who depended on the transportation business; and whose lives will go down the drain just because of a London English Test. Additionally, the test that goes for an exorbitant amount, would present financial strain on the drivers.

Therefore, as of now, the test still applies as a basic requirement for the Uber drivers, until the appeal pushes through, and Uber is given another hearing.

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