15th June 2017
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Why translators may not be feeling happy



Working as a freelance translator is becoming more difficult. As automated translations become increasingly accurate, translators working from home face growing pool of competition. But there’s hope for freelancers! There’s still a demand for accurate translations with a human touch, and businesses are willing to pay for it.

Here are some pros and cons to working as a freelance translator in this changing market.


  1. Flexible Schedule: Like any “remote” work environment, this is the biggest advantage of translating from home. You can translate at your own pace, and organize your work around your life, rather than the other way around.
  2. High Demand: Unlike other services, translation is always in high demand. There is more material to be translated than there are available translators; you just have to know where to look! Sites like “Freelancer”, will give you an idea of the high demand
  3. Accessibility: You’re doing important work. Every article you translate opens the door to a new audience. This is highly valued by companies, especially in our globalized economy!


  1. Pay: At the outset, pay for translations can be pretty slim. In fact, you may need to work for free during your first few assignments! Once you have a few highly-rated translations under your belt, however, your writing reputation will increase, and so will your pay.
  2. Anonymity: Although the anonymity of translating from home can be convenient, it also has downfalls. On less regulated sites, for example, many freelancers are refused payment after submission. If you work from home, there’s no one to confront if you aren’t payed.
  3. Competition: This is the biggest concern for freelance translators. With the help of crowd-sourcing sites like Duolingo, sites like Buzzfeed and CNN can translate real-world documents into other languages easily. However, there are plenty of smaller clients looking for personalized translations.

There really is room for freelance translators who work from home in this changing market.

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